Tips to maintain a healthy online reputation

Reputation as defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary is “the opinion that people in general have about someone or something, or how much respect or admiration someone or something receives, based on past behavior or character“. Just as reputation is important to a business in real life, So

A Beginners Guide To Blog Post

As an average internet user, you must have read one or two blog posts in the past that you found interesting and probably bookmarked the page. Likewise, you must have come across some few other blog posts too, which you found highly uninteresting and probably bounced off the

What makes a website successful?

Have you noticed how some businesses are gaining so much benefit from their website? You see that these websites get lots of visits daily and as well they generate leads and some good income for their underlying businesses. So, what stuffs must have been put in place to

Why is SEO so important?

Are you a small business owner?  Or You are a co-founder of a small company and you are currently asking the questions; 1.What is SEO? 2.Why should I care about It? 3.Why is it so important? Well, am glad you are reading this now because as you read

How to improve your website SEO

Owning or running a business website these days just isn’t enough, things have gone way beyond that. And am sure you must have been hearing the buzz about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the internet these days and you have probably even read about it. If you haven’t

Signs that your logo needs a refresh

Often times as small businesses grow and expand,their owners forget to pay attention to some tiny little details that can have a massive effect on these businesses over time, One of such details is the company logo or business logo. According to Wikipedia, a logo is a graphic

Best practices while sending e-mails to customers

Email marketing is one of such in the digital marketing world that is highly important as it can be used in notifying customers of current promos, new products, new market arrivals, surveys etc. It also serves as a way of not just keeping existing customers, but also as
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How video has become the next big thing in Digital marketing and SEO

In the world of Digital Marketing Today, one could never ignore the fact that videos have taken over advertising in a new twist.In fact, any business owner today that is not looking into harnessing the power of using video as part of his/her digital marketing and SEO strategy
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How a video can hack success on Google Search Algorithm

A few years ago, videos were something you have to dig the internet to find. Back then, search result pages only include links to articles, publications and journals (text only). But, on May 16th, 2007  Google introduced “Universal Search“ and since then users now get blended results on
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Make Your Presence Felt With The Best WordPress Themes

Do you ever wondered about building a website of you own and then carried away with the thoughts of coding activities and cost, Well here is the easier way for your presence all over the globe with the best of WordPress Themes. The better it is, the more